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Mile Hi Bakery is a high-speed, high-capacity bakery, currently baking at 5,000 dozen per hour. Mile Hi Bakery incorporates state-of-the-art features, giving us tremendous flexibility and range of diversity in our baked goods, from types of dough to varieties of toppings.

Some of Mile Hi’s capabilities include:
• Mixing and dividing capabilities for sponge/dough and straight dough varieties
• Multiple dividers to allow for processing a range of dough consistencies
• Separate molder for variety of product types
• Multiple depositors for a variety of toppings
• Capability to produce split tops with unique characteristics
• Designed-in oven steam
• Heat recovery system
• Corrugated tray capabilities
• Bulk and bag packaging flexibility
• Dual range convection oven innovations providing enhanced baking flexibility for a broader range of product diversity

Our standard products include:
• 4” Plain bun
• 4” Seeded bun
• Double-cut seeded bun
• Hoagie bun
• 4.5” seeded bun
• 4.5” yellow pub bun
• 4” yellow seeded bun
• 4.5” whole grain bun
• 4” round bun
• 4.5” round bun
• 3 5/8” round bun
• Burger bundles
• English Muffin
• English Muffin Whole Grain
• English Muffins With Inclusions

Whether you want sesame seeds, poppy seeds or just a plain bun, we can meet your needs. We can make a specific product, or you can choose from our standard products.

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You can count on our fanatical focus on quality to go into every baked good we make for you—and your items being made precisely, consistently and to your specifications.

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